Seed Phytonutrients - Mission Driven Commerce.

Mission-Driven Commerce

  • E-commerce Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Visual Design
  • E-mail Marketing

The Challenge

The Seed team needed help to tell their mission-driven story. They were a fresh new brand, still developing their first season of products, and they needed help to create a website that would preview their product line and, most importantly, share their four brand pillars: promoting natural beauty, leading environmental sustainability, supporting independent American organic farmers, and preserving seed diversity.

The Solution

A site was created that focused on storytelling but also kept Seed’s future ecommerce needs in mind. The site needed to be broken out in to phases to get to market with a digital presence as soon as possible. The first phase focused on a small marketing site to collect emails that was stood up in two months. The second phase was to addded a blog to talk about their mission and pre-launch products. The third phase was to launch the storefront and full customer experience. We also converted the blog to a headless implementation to feed the completed storefront marketing content and avoid migrating that solution.

2 Month Pre-launch Strategy
Home Page PDP Blog Listing
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